Backpacking — Green Ridge State Forest (MD)


This Maryland State Forest includes a 24 mile linear trail with adarondack style shelters every 5 to 7 miles. This trail can be hiked in conjuction with the C&O Towpath to create a 45 mile loop. Stop by the forest visitors center to get a permit and a detailed hiking map. Maps are also available to purchase online (see web site). Planning Map.

Directions from Morgantown

Take I 68 east to exit 64 in MD. The forest visitors center is just off the highway.

Travel Time: 1 1/2hr


Camping, Canoeing, Swimming Holes, Backpacking, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Bicycling


Green Ridge State Forest, 28700 Headquarters Dr, NE, Flintstone, MD 21530-9525


(301) 478-3124

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