Camping can be a way to have an inexpensive and close place to stay the night near your favorite outdoor activities, think climbing or whitewater rafting.

It can also be the very reason people go outdoors in the first place. Camping can be the best way to get your family or friends away from the fast paced daily grind and into nature for a rejuvenating social experience.

West Virginia has a tremendous number of campground options with a wide range of experiences. Interested in fishing, camp at Bluestone State Park, Big Bend, Cranberry, or Pleasant Creek campgrounds. Interested in backcountry hiking, camp at Red Creek, Spruce Knob Lake or Tea Creek Campgrounds. State and National campgrounds are supplemented with private campgrounds that will allow you to get the outdoor experience you need.

Best times to go:

Many campgrounds are closed during the winter months in WV, so April through Oct. are the primary camping times of the year.

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