Mountain Biking

(In order from closest to furthest from Morgantown)

Mountain Bike Jump
Trail Forks WV  Mountain Bike Trails Project WV - both are spectacular resources for detailed Mtn Bike info.  Includes Apps.  
WV Trails Map
  1. West Run / Bakers Ridge
  2. White Park
  3. Coopers Rock / WVU Forest
  4. Quebec Run (PA)
  5. Valley Falls
  6. Big Bear
  7. Wisp
  8. Garrett State Forest (MD)
  9. Ohiopyle State Park (PA)
  10. Savage River State Forest (MD)
  11. Seven Springs (PA)
  12. Blackwater Falls Area
  13. Canaan Valley State Park
  14. Timberline Resort
  15. Seneca Creek
  16. Cranberry Backcountry
  17. Tea Creek / Slatyfork
  18. Snowshoe
  19. WVU Cycling Club

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