Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has been growing in WV since the early to mid 1980’s when the Canaan Mountain Series brought mountain bike racing to the east coast.

Since then, the type and location of races has changed, but the interest in riding trails in WV has only increased. In the past ten years, mountain biking has gained enough interest that trail systems are being created specifically for off road bicycling and the options here in WV should only continue to get better.

There are classic places to ride like the aforementioned Canaan Mountain and the great rides of Slatyfork. There are also newer spots that locals have been putting a good deal of work into, like Mountwood in Parkersburg, Big Bear in Preston Co, and the Arrowhead Trails in the New River Gorge area.

Best times to go:

The best time to mountain bike is when it is drier in the summer and early fall, but you can mountain bike at all times of the year.

Mountain Biking Web Resources:

Mountain Biking Education & Safety: 

International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) - Responsible Riding

Cover photo courtesy of Snowshoe Mtn Resort

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