Whitewater Rafting

(In order from closest to furthest from Morgantown)
  1. Whiteday Creek
  2. Little Sandy Creek (Upper)
  3. Little Sandy Creek (Lower)
  4. Cheat River Canyon
  5. Big Sandy Creek (Upper)
  6. Big Sandy Creek (Lower)
  7. Three Forks Creek
  8. Valley Falls (Tygart River)
  9. Cheat River Narrows
  10. Lower Youghiogheny River
  11. Middle Youghiogheny River
  12. Upper Youghiogheny River
  13. Adventure Sports Center International
  14. Top Youghiogheny River
  15. Tygart River (Arden)
  16. Middle Fork River / Tygart Gorge
  17. Tygart River Gorge
  18. Buckhannon River (Alton to Sago)
  19. North Branch of the Potomac (Styer to Shalamar)
  20. North Branch of the Potomac (Barnum to Bloomington)
  21. Savage River
  22. Dry Fork of the Cheat(CR 26 to Hendricks)
  23. Shavers Fork of the Cheat
  24. North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac (Seneca to Hopeville)
  25. North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac (Hopeville Canyon)
  26. Upper Gauley River
  27. Lower Gauley River
  28. Cacapon River
  29. Shenandoah River
  30. South Branch of the Potomac(US 220 to Smoke Hole Picnic Area)
  31. South Branch of the Potomac(Smoke Hole Picnic Area to Petersburg)
  32. Other WV Whitewater
  33. New River Gorge

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