Smoke Hole Caverns


Trout swim through the subterranean pools here at Smoke Hole, one of the most-visited caverns in the eastern states. Its sparkling “Room of Million Stalactites” features the second highest ceiling of any cavern in the eastern U.S., towering 274 feet above the floor. The world’s largest ribbon stalactite, a rare six-ton formation, has been rippled by the gentle air currents that flow through the cavern.


I-79 south to Weston (exit 99). Take rt. 33 east to Elkins. Continue on 33 east for 35 miles to Seneca Rocks. Turn left at the intersection and go north on Rt. 28 about 13 miles from Seneca Rocks.


Caving, Whitewater, Camping, Rock Climbing


HC 59 Box 39, Seneca Rocks, WV 26884



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