Whitewater — North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac (Hopeville Canyon)

Duckies on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac at Hopeville Canyon


One of the most beautiful canyons anywhere. The North Fork Mtn cliffs in the background, rock formations jutting out of the water and a good posibility of seeing Bald Eagles make this a must see spot. Good class III run. 4-5 miles. Map (pdf).

Directions from Morgantown

take I-79 south to Weston (exit 99). Take rt. 33 east to Elkins. Continue on 33 east for 35 miles to Seneca Rocks. Turn left at the intersection and go north on Rt. 28 about 8 mile from Seneca Rocks. Put-in is off of a large pull-out as the river comes right up to the road. Take out is just north of Hopeville (or 3 miles further down the rd at the Smoke Hole Rd. bridge)

Travel Time:

2 1/2hr


Whitewater , Swimming Holes, Camping, Fishing, Rock Climbing





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Book ” A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to West Virginia”

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