Cross Country Skiing:

Deckers Rail Trail System


This is a great resource to learn cross country skiing. There are consistent flat trails located in downtown Morgantown or very close to town. Not as much snow is needed to ski on these trails as on forest or field trails. The paved section of trail is not very fun to ski due to poles hitting the hard surface. A little way out of town, the crushed surface is ideal. The Deckers Creek Trail near Masontown is a great cross country ski resource as it snows more there and the snow stays on the trail a long time. No facilities. Map (pdf)


Access points are located all through the downtown of Morgantown. Access to the Deckers Cr. Trail are in Sabraton, along Rt. 7 south, and in Masontown (Google directions below).


X-Country Skiing, Bicycling, Hiking


P.O. Box 282 , Morgantown, WV 26507


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