Hiking — Mon and Deckers Rail Trails

Walking on the rail trail


These trails are great resources. They are reasonably crowded intown but just outside of town, there are miles of trail with great scenery and fewpeople. 29 miles of trail exist from WV/PA state line to Pricketts Fort in Fairmont.6 miles in downtown Morgantown are paved. The rest is packed sand/gravel. This sectionis flat the whole way as it is along the Monongahelia River. The Deckers Creek trailis steeper and consists of 19 miles of trail from Ruby McQuain Park to Reedsville. Map (pdf)

Directions from Morgantown

8 access points exist along the Mon. trail. Access in Morgantown includes 2 in Star City, WVUArboretum, Seneca Center, Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, and South University Ave. 6 access/parking areas exist along the Deckers Creek Trail, 3 located in Morgantown – Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, Elk Street, and Marilla Park

Travel Time:

5 min.


Hiking, Bicycling, Canoeing


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