Bicycling — Allegheny Highlands Trail (WV)


This trail is in one of the most scenic locations in WV. From Elkins to Hendrix, the travel is through pastoral settings and along rivers with views of mountains. From Hendrix to Thomas you are traveling on the Blackwater Canyon Trail (BCT) uphill for 10 miles in a more remote setting. There are 35 miles of trail total from Elkins to Thomas (the last 10 miles on the BCTare less developed). 7 access areas

Directions from Morgantown

Rt. 7 through Masontown and Kingwood to rt. 72 south. From Rowlesburg go another 25 miles to Parsons. Take rt. 72 to Hendrix at the northern terminus. The southern terminus is in Elkins.

Travel Time: 1 1/2 hr


Hiking, Bicycling, Backpacking, Whitewater, Canoeing


Highlands Trail Foundation, , PO Box 2862, Elkins WV 26241


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