Mountain Biking — White Park

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White Park has blossomed into a great local resource for Morgantown mountain bikers.  With lots of work from BOPARK and volunteers, a marked (blue diamond) 3.5 mile trail loop of very fun intermediate riding exists right in town.  The trail includes fun riding over logs and rip rap as well as banked turns and the classic up and down of riding on White Park oil berms.  For beginners, there are 3 to 4 miles of improved hard-pack trails to practice basic skills prior to trying the single track.  Be sure to keep an eye open for hikers and other park users as this is a well used area. Map

Directions from Morgantown

From University Ave South from town, take a left on Greenbag Rd past the entrance to the Mountaineer Mall. Go .7 miles and take a left onto Mississippi St. The trails are on both sides of the road just past the ice rink.

Travel Time:

10 min


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BOPARK- P.O. Box 590, Morgantown, WV 26507-0590


Phone: (304) 296-8356, Fax: (304) 296-5842,

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Book -“Morgantown’s Off Road Biking Trails”

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