Swimming Holes:

Bluestone/Little Bluestone


The Bluestone and Little Bluestone Rivers provide a bunch of potential swimming holes throughout their lengths.  The public access points for these waterways include Bluestone State Park, Pipestem State Park and the Bluestone National Scenic River.  The Bluestone Turnpike trail joins the Bluestone River Trail and provides 9.5 miles of trail access to the river.  There is opportunity for those who want an adventure to hike a ways along this trail to find a swimming spot all to yourself.  If hiking for a while isn't your thing, closer access to the river is available from both state parks.  


Bluestone and the Little Bluestone Rivers are located in southern West Virginia south of Hinton, WV.  Google Map directions below are to the northern trailhead of the Turnpike Trail.  Other places to access the rivers include Pipestem SP and Bluestone SP.  

Camping (Bluestone SP), Camping (Pipestem SP), CanoeingHiking (Bluestone SP), Hiking (Bluestone NSR), Hiking (Pipestem SP), Mountain Biking, Fishing, Whitewater

Web resources:

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