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Sandstone Falls


Sandstone Falls is a spectacular set of falls on the New River. The river is very wide at this point with two distinct falls, one with the larger volume of water and higher falls and the other with less water flow and calmer pools below. There is a short boardwalk/trail from the parking lot out to an island in the river that allows for viewing of the main part of the falls. It is possible to explore off of the boardwalk on a few trails and scramble around on the rocks for a closer view of the river.

For swimming, the falls on the west side of the river provide an ideal swimming spot that has calm pools at the bottom of multiple small waterfalls. There is also a rocky beach area on the island below the main falls. A few important safety notes include: 1. This spot is utilized for fishing and is likely to have lost hooks in the water, so wear sandals or shoes. 2. The river is very large and higher water flow will make swimming here dangerous. For swimming, caution should be taken if the Hinton USGS Gauge is above 3 feet.


Sandstone Falls is located in southern WV near Hinton (Google directions below)


Canoeing (Bluestone Lake), Camping (Bluestone SP), Fishing, Hiking (Sandstone Falls Area), Whitewater (Bluestone River), Whitewater (Greenbrier River), Whitewater (New River),


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