Little Kanawha River (Burnsville to Parkersburg)


The Little Kanawha River flows at a placid pace for 108 miles from the Burnsville Dam to the Ohio River at Parkersburg. The whole river is moving water with only a few riffles and class I rapids. Over this stretch, it meanders through small towns, farmland and more remote wooded hills. Towns that it passes include: Burnsville, Glennville, Grantsville, Elizabeth, Davisville and many others. The Little Kanawha has a few different community groups working to improve the river by sponsoring clean ups and supporting a water trail.


Burnsville Dam to Gilmer/Braxton County Line

  • 9 miles
  • Put-In: 38.844878, -80.626896 Take-Out: 38.889,-80.721

Gilmer/Braxton County Line to Sand Fork

  • 7.2 miles
  • Put-In: 38.889,-80.721 Take-Out: 38.922,-80.766. Alternative access- Dustcamp 38.894,-80.743

Sand Fork to Leading Creek

  • 9 miles
  • Put-In: -80.766, 38.922 Take-Out: -80.876, 38.947

Creston to Sonoma Bridge

  • 5 miles
  • Put-In: -81.271, 38.948 Take-Out: -81.325, 38.965

Sonoma Bridge to Palestine

  • 13.3 miles
  • Put-In: -81.325, 38.965 Take-Out: -81.385, 39.033

Palestine to Wells Lock

  • 7.3 miles
  • Put-In: -81.385 39.033 Take-Out: -81.388 39.068. Alternative acces - Sportsman's Park-81.405 39.066

Wells Lock to Hughes River

  • 7.8 miles
  • Put-In: -81.388 39.068 Take-Out: -81.536, 39.259

Hughes River to Parkersburg

  • 16.4 miles
  • Put-In: -81.395 39.140 Take-Out -81.536, 39.259 Alternative access -Leachtown -81.448, 39.140


The Little Kanawha River flows from the central part of the state west to Parkersburg. Google directions below are to the Burnsville Dam. See the GPS coordinates for specific sections above.


Camping, Canoeing, Fishing

Web Resources:

Little Kanawha River Trail - Facebook Page


Book: "A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to West Virginia"

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