Tygart Lake


Tygart Lake is 1740 acres with public boat access at Tygart Lake State Park, Pleasant Creek and Cove Run. The lake is very clear and has enough backwater areas to provide places to escape power boat traffic, so canoeing is pleasant.  The best spots to find these backwater areas are the southern part of the lake accessible from Pleasant Creek and Cove Run.  Cove Run is unique in that it is located near where the Tygart River enters the lake, so you can paddle up to the last rapids of the river.  


Tygart Lake is just south of Grafton, WV. Three good canoeing access points exist.  One is Tygart Lake State Park (Google directions below).  The second is Pleasant Cr. Access on the southwest side of the lake (see camping directions).  The Third is Cove Run Access.  Navigation is difficult to get here and the last short bit of road is 4x4 (See map below for location).  


Canoeing, Camping (Tygart SP), Camping (Pleasant Creek), Fishing, Hiking, Bicycling


Tygart Lake State Park, Rt. 1 Box 260, Grafton, WV 26354



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