Whitewater — Tygart River (Arden)


A notoriously undercut river section with waterfalls and other powerful class III-V rapids. 4-7 miles. A bike shuttle can be set up by taking out along the road along the river. Map (pdf)

Directions from Morgantown

Take rt. 119 South from Morgantown to Grafton. Continue on 119 for 10.3 miles and turn left onto Cr 6. Drive 3.4 miles to Arden. Put in anywhere along the rd above or below the bridge. For the take-out, follow the rd along the right side of the river for 3.6 miles for roadside take-outs. If you want to do the whole run, continue on CR 10 for 1.6 miles to SR 92. Go north (left) for 3.4 miles. Go left on cr 2 (coal run rd) for about 4 miles to the river.

Travel Time:

1 hr


Whitewater, Swimming Hole, Waterfall





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Book ” A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to West Virginia”

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