Whitewater — New River Gorge

Rafting on the New River Gorge


This is the largest volume river in the state and one of the most well known. It usually runs in the summer unless it is very dry. The run is characterized by BIG waves, BIG holes and great views of the gorge. Many commercial outfitters offer trips on this section as well as on the upstream river sections. Class IV(V). 6.5 miles. Map (pdf).

Directions from Morgantown

Take I-79 south to I-19 south to the New River Gorge Bridge. Just north of the bridge, go right on cr 5 (Ames Heights Rd). After .5 mile, go left on Delta rd 177. After about .5 mile, veer right on cr 82 (one way rd to Fayette Station). Continue down to the bottom of the gourge and accross the bridge to the take-out (bathrooms, parking lot). To get to the put-in, continue up the other side (still one-way) until you reach I-19. Go south to Fayettville and take a left on rt 16 through Fayettville. Veer left onto cr 9 for over 6 miles to Cunard. After Cunard, go left (sign to river access) and down into the gourge to the put-in (parking and facilities – bathroom and changing hut). You can also put-in at Thurmond to add 7.5 miles of less exciting water onto the run.

Travel Time:

2 1/2hr


Whitewater , Swimming Holes, Camping, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Bicycling





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Book ” A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to West Virginia”

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